Fresh, Organic, Superfood Nutrition


I ordered the 10 day sample pack for my very anxious dog who is taking a 2400 mile trip across the country. This product helped tremendously in making her comfortable during the trip. I highly recommend this product.

Billie Morris

I got a sample pack and my dog has had a good reaction so far. Calmed her down so she isn’t so defensive towards other dogs. She didn’t really like the the flavor though so I had to put some peanut butter on it for her to eat it. Other than that- all good ! 👌🏽

Allina Garcia-Cibrian

My 11 year old pittie suffers from arthritis. She was having a rough time moving around. Now that she's taking the b.f. daily's treats, I can see the difference in her. She's moving around easier and even playing fetch again. THANK YOU!!!!

Denise Ponce
Every bag you buy provides $1 to get a real dog out of a shelter dog run and into a loving family